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E&HRC seeks IT Support (August 2018)

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is seeking invitations to tender for the provision of I.T. Support.

Work will include upgrading the network infrastructure and synchronising all computers, maintaining hardware and software.

For further details and a specification, interested persons may contact Mrs Carol Thompson on telephone 22133 or email Bids must be sent in a sealed envelope to Mrs Thompson, Equality and Human Rights Office, PWSD Yard, Jamestown by no later than 31st August 2018.


Post-Conference Pack (September 2016)

We have now included the Conference 2016 post-attendance pack on our Documents page. It gives details of what was discussed at the conference, as well as many useful contacts for the speakers and the attendees.

Or you can download it from this link: 20160928conferencepostattendancepack.pdf.


Strategic Plan published (August 2016)

The Equality & Human Rights Commission are proud to be able to share with you our first Strategic Plan, which is the result of six months’ work and research.

The Strategy is based on our experience through the Human Rights Capacity Building Committee and the Human Right Office developed since 2008, research and consultation with Elected Members, SHG, Community Groups and the general public. In addition we have included relevant actions from among others:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed.

On behalf of the EHRC I should like to confirm our commitment to act as an independent and impartial body supporting the development of an equal and fair society for the Island.


Quarterly Report published (May 2016)

The first Quarterly Report since the creation of the Equality & Human Rights Commission, for Q1, 2016, has been published.

You can download a copy from our Documents page, in the Plans & Reports section.


Please complete our Questionnaire! (April 2016)

We need to understand how people feel about their human rights now, so that we can target our work where it is most needed.

Please help us by filling in this questionnaire and returning it to us by Friday 22nd April 2016:

There are two versions on this site:

If neither of these work for you the questionnaire is printed in the island newspaper on 7th/8th April 2016 or you can contact us for a copy.


First Commissioners Appointed (October 2015)

The first Equality & Human Rights Commissioners were appointed by Governor Mark Capes on 6th October 2015, so the Commission can now commence work.

The first Commissioners are:

You can read the Warrant.


Legal advice and representation (May 2015)

The Human Rights Office is pleased to advise that two UK lawyers who specialise in representing victims of child abuse have agreed to make themselves available to advise and represent victims in St. Helena.

Hugh James logo The Equality & Human Rights Commission News Archives

Alan Collins has successfully represented victims in many high profile cases such as, for example, the Jersey children’s home case known as Haut de la Garenne.

If you would like to discuss your own case with Alan please contact the Human Rights Office in confidence.

Alan is a partner in Hugh James solicitors in London.


International Women’s Day 2015 (April 2015)

International Women’s Day 2015 was celebrated on St. Helena with a Fun Day organised jointly by WISH (Women’s Issues St. Helena) and the Girl Guides Association.

A report appeared in the St Helena Independent on 13th March and the following is reproduced from the St. Helena Government publication “The Ambassador”{1} (click to enlarge):

“The Ambassador” March 2015 The Equality & Human Rights Commission News Archives


We’ve moved - again! (February 2015)

Poster in The Independent 20 February 2015 The Equality & Human Rights Commission News Archives


Equality & Human Rights Commission Consultation (February 2015)

Consultation Period: From 28th January to 28th February 2015

In 2011 extensive consultation was carried out which established the need for a Commission for Equality & Human Rights. Legislation has now been drafted to set up the Commission. Consultation is now taking place on the propsals for the Equality & Human Rights Commission. Read the full notice here, a handy leaflet here and download the Bill for an Ordinance here.

It is important that you make your views known. Please contact us with your comments.

Consultation flyer February 2015 The Equality & Human Rights Commission News Archives


New leaflet (September 2014)

Please go to our Documents page (“Discussion Documents” section) and download our new leaflet “Who’s Right? - The Citizenship Commission’s proposal for a National Human Rights Body for St. Helena”. The leaflet sets out the arguments in favour of the new body. The Citizenship Commission is asking SHG to support the establishment of the Saint Helena Human Rights Commission to promote and protect our human rights. Then please contact your councillor to express your support.


Announcement: Second National Human Rights Action Plan (August 2014)

Three years ago the first National Human Rights Action Plan for St. Helena was produced. We are now in the final year of the work towards achieving the goals agreed in the plan. We have gone a long way to achieving the desired outcomes, St. Helena has made notable progress, however we can still improve.

The Human Rights Capacity Building Committee, through the Human Rights Facilitator, Catherine Turner, are beginning the consultation process that will underpin the development of the Second National Human Rights Action Plan for St. Helena. The National Action Plan will be evidence based, developed in an inclusive way and independently monitored. It will be a concrete plan to fill ‘gaps’, build on good practice and help St. Helena look outwards and move forward. Experience from other Commonwealth countries, amongst others, shows the potential of this approach to deliver real and sustainable improvements in the realisation of rights for all, particularly the most marginalised and vulnerable.

The Human Rights Capacity Building Committee is facilitating this open and inclusive process of development and monitoring of the Second National Human Rights Action Plan for St. Helena. A series of consultation meetings, workshops and visits will take place over the next 3 months. What is important is that everyone is welcome to participate. Your opinions are crucial; we cannot have an inclusive action plan without input from all sections of society. We invite you to join the HRCBC in ensuring that St. Helena’s Second National Action Plan for Human Rights leads to significant and sustainable improvements min the way that St. Helena assures the realisation of all human rights by everyone.

Please come along to one of our advertised events or for a confidential one to one meeting please contact Catherine Turner.

Hon. Les Baldwin, Chairperson, Human Rights Capacity Building Committee


Website Created (May 2014)

Welcome to the website of The Equality & Human Rights Commission. We hope you will find it useful in understanding what Human Rights are all about.


Celebrate UN Peace Day (September 2013)

UN Peace Day poster The Equality & Human Rights Commission News Archives


Press Release from the Human Rights Office (May 2013)

Human Rights Capacity Building Committee Logo The Equality & Human Rights Commission News Archives

The Human Rights Capacity Building Committee (HRCBC) and the Human Rights Office are marking World Press Freedom Day (May 3rd) by launching an information leaflet: “Freedom of Information - a Human Right”.

Catherine Turner, the Human Rights Facilitator said: “The freedom of the press and freedom of information are cornerstones of human rights and a democratic society”.

A range of similar short, jargon free leaflets will be produced over the next few weeks on various human rights issues including equality for vulnerable groups, employers and employee rights, Children’s rights and many more.

Leaflets can be obtained from the Human Rights Office in Jamestown but anyone who has difficulty accessing the office can contact Catherine Turner on 22133 or email for delivery.

The HRCBC would like to thank the Community Development Organisation for their support in the funding of these leaflets.

For more information about Freedom of Information in St. Helena go to


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