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Taking a human rights based approach is about using international human rights standards to ensure that people’s human rights are put at the very centre of policies and practice. Something we aim to do within the Commission and we are promoting the adoption of this this approach within Government too.

A human rights based approach empowers people to know and claim their rights. It increases the ability of organisations, public bodies and businesses to fulfil their human rights obligations. It also creates solid accountability so people can seek remedies when their rights are violated.

PANEL Principles

The PANEL principles are one way of breaking down what a human rights based approach means in practice. PANEL stands for Participation, Accountability, Non-Discrimination and Equality, Empowerment and Legality.


panelimage_p The Equality and Human Rights Commission Principles

It is the Commission’s belief that people should be involved in decisions that affect their rights.

As you will see these principles are at the centre of our strategic plan; we will focus on work that leads to sustained changed. This can only be achieved through the participation of those who may be affected by any decision. Therefore, we will encourage, develop and maintain strategic and influential relationships and partnerships across government, the community and businesses.


panelimage_p The Equality and Human Rights Commission Principles

There should be monitoring of how people’s rights are being affected, as well as remedies when things go wrong. Our work will be informed by a rigorous evidence base drawing on our own and others research. We will priorities rigorous practice and improve our capability to monitor and evaluate our impact and the impact of rights affecting decisions made by others.

Non-Discrimination and Equality

panelimage_n The Equality and Human Rights Commission Principles

All forms of discrimination must be prohibited, prevented and eliminated. People who face the biggest barriers to realizing their rights will be prioritised. We will develop and maintain a high performing team that thinks critically and carefully about all of its work. We will lead by example by nurturing a diverse and respectful workplace. We will invest in our organisation and staff to build capability, be creative and ensure strong governance and operations.


panelimage_e The Equality and Human Rights Commission Principles

Everyone should understand their rights, and be fully supported to take part in developing policy and practices which affect their lives. We will prioritise helping St Helenians to understand the importance of human rights to their work and lives. We will enhance our media and digital presence to ensure our information is accessible and well targeted through all parts of St Helena.


panelimage_l The Equality and Human Rights Commission Principles

Approaches should be grounded in the legal rights that are set out in our Constitutionas well as the local and international laws.

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